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We are delighted to present to you the Fiji Matai Specialist Programme. We warmly invite you to explore our country through this online training course: Our 333 islands offer distinct experiences that will entice any traveler.

Fiji awaits, come cruise, dive, hike, snorkel, fish or simply enjoy the great physical beauty and the warmth of our people.

There is a word you’ll hear all the time in Fiji and that is “Bula” – “Bula” can mean hello or welcome, cheers or good health. “Bula” is guaranteed to be delivered and received with the warmest smiles you’ll ever see. Smiling is second nature to our people and their warmth and friendliness is infectious. We hope to see you, your family, friends and clients in Fiji soon and that’s what makes Fiji so special, it’s for everyone. Be sure to check out and enjoy the discovery we have to offer.

A Matai is
• one who is knowledgeable : you are expected to be knowledgeable about Fiji’s tourism products.
• a guide : your knowledge of Fiji will help you to guide your clients to the benefits, values and correct choices to an enhanced Fiji experience.
• is a builder : the benefits you reap will help increase your sales and build your business.
The hallmark of this programme is personalized service and delivering the promise unique only to being a Matai.


Travel Ideas For Fiji

Fiji provides an one-of-a-kind mix of culture and natural charm and taking a trip to this friendly nation constantly guarantees a wonderful trip. Many people go to Fiji for the lovely coastlines and unwinding sun and none are dissatisfied.

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Whether you’re aiming to dive among magnificent coral and fish, laze on the coastline under the sun, or check out rich cultural and historical sites, Fiji provides the variety to please any tourist. As you prepare your journey, think about these 5 travel pointers:.

# 1 Select the Right Island.

Consider exactly what you intend to leave your journey as you start to prepare. If you are planning to swim, kayak, browse and snorkel, attempt the Yasawa Group. Look into the Mamanuca Group if you and your household are looking for an enjoyable time in the sun. If you wish to experience amazing diving, think about Taveuni, Beqa Shallows, among others. If you wish to hide in a charming remote area, escape to the remote coastlines of Kadavu, or the Northern Islands of Fiji.

# 2 Learn Some Language.

English is the main language in Fiji, however the native language is well stood firm and commonly talked. There are numerous terms that you could hear integrated into daily language. Prior to you go, make an effort to find out a little the language for the complete cultural experience of Fiji.

# 3 Book an inexpensive air travel online.

Australians and New Zealanders ought to rejoice in the truth that the air travel to Fiji is not just brief (3 hours from Sydney to Nadi) however that there is a great variety of inexpensive air travel offers and bundles to Fiji. There are numerous worldwide and local airline companies that run air travels to and from Fiji in addition to cost effective domestic air travels to whisk you easily from island to island.  To get inexpensive tickets, visit – cheap flights South Africa.

# 4 Pack Smart.

Unless you are preparing to take a trip high up into the mountains, do not stress over packing clothing for winter. Fiji is often warm, even at night and night. Pack a lot of light clothing consisting of swimwear and cotton shorts, outfits and t-shirts. Even formal night occasions will not dip below the ‘crisp laid-back’ array of clothes, so do not fret about packing formalwear. Prepare yourself for the periodic exotic rain and with a water-proof coat. Just like any coastline getaway, shield yourself from the aspects with hats, sunglasses, sun block and insect repellent.

# 5 Know the Customs.

While beachwear is completely appropriate at the resorts, scanty clothes is unsuitable in towns. When shopping, remember that bargaining is urged at little regional stores and stalls, however not in significant division and supermarket. Tipping in Fiji is not traditional. Go to any town or personal house, particularly on a weekend, and you will unquestionably be provided a coconut shell fulled of kava, a conventional beverage with slightly drunking homes. Enjoy!

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